More exciting LEDs on the way
March 26th, 2010

Posted under Alpenglow Lighting Design News

Recently Alpenglow has started using a 9W LED lamp as a replacement for a 50W MR-16 in downlighting and art applications. The new lamp is dimmable, works on AC or DC transformers, works on both electronic and magnetic transformers, has great halogen-like color, and lasts 50,000 hours. A standard halogen 50W MR-16 will use about 1,000 kWh over its 2,000 hour lifespan. This LED version will only use 180 kWh for the same period, or in dollars, $125 for the halogen vs. @22.50 for the 2,000 hour period.

Even though the LED MR-16 costs about $45, it will save about $57 in electricity in its first year.

We have samples of this lamp available for mockups and testing. Contact us today to set up a demonstration.

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