Stuff we like: Vantage Controls Dual ScenePoint Relay
March 30th, 2010

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A fairly new product on the market, Vantage’s Dual ScenePoint Relay is a welcome solution for switching controls. It is available for both new construction and retrofit (wireless). Alpenglow has tested the product in our system, and it works extremely well for both switched loads (fluorescent and LED) as well as line voltage shades. The device has a hardware interlock for shade applications which ensures that up- and down-functions cannot be operated simultaneously, which will protect the shade motors.

Like all other ScenePoint devices, the Dual Relay can have up to 6 programmable buttons with 2-color LEDs (either red/green or red/blue). The benefit of (2) 5A relays (600w each) in a single gang cannot be underestimated. It not only allows reduced wire pulls and home runs, but also helps reduce wall clutter and keeps more stations at a single gang.

Contact Alpenglow for more information and to see the device in action.

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