Stuff We Like: Lightbulb Nutrition Labels
August 5th, 2010

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Lightbulbs are becoming increasingly complicated and confusing, but the Federal Trade Commission has come to the rescue. Starting in 2011, all lightbulbs will come with a ‘nutrition label’ style chart which will help consumers make sense of the new bulbs.

Nutrition label

The “plain old lightbulb” as we know it will start to go away in 2012 by federal law as we catch up with the EU and British Commonwealth. Edison’s original patent was issued in 1880, and the basic incandescent bulb has not changed significantly since then. Other technology has moved forward since 1880, so the time to say goodbye to the inefficient light bulb has come. As LEDs and CFLs have become more commonplace and accepted by consumers, the current labeling and packaging has not helped to explain the benefits of the new bulbs. Hopefully, these new labels will reduce the confusion with selecting a new lightbulb.

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