Stuff We Like: Vantage Easytouch II Keypads
August 5th, 2010

Posted under Alpenglow Lighting Design News

Vantage Lighting Controls has released a new series of stations, and here at Alpenglow, we are excited about the products. The stations use a standard Decora-style cutout and are available in either 3- or 5-button configurations. The best part about the stations is the engraving: laser-etched and backlit. The buttons also feature tri-chrome LEDs, meaning they can mix colors in the engraving. Integral photocells in the stations autmatically adjust the brightness of the LEDs for night and day, and the stations also have InfraRed receivers. Both metal and plastic faceplates are available, and the Decora coutout matches other devices, such as outlets and third-party controls.

The stations are a full family: line voltage dimmers and relays, dual relays, and low voltage keypads, with both wired and wireless versions available. With these stations, Alpenglow can design unlimited station configurations for control of lighting, shading, AV, and more. Contact Alpenglow today for a demonstration of these new stations.

EasyTouch II

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