The Light Bulb is Dead! Long Live the Light Bulb!
June 6th, 2011

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Recently, people have discovered that a Federal Law enacted in 2007 is going to eliminate 130-year-old technology. An article in the New York Times Magazine this weekend discusses the matter. What amazes me is how a visionary like Howard Brandston, one of the greatest lighting designers, is so opposed to the end of incandescence. His innovative imagination is hampered by his inability to move on from old technology.

Here at Alpenglow, we welcome new technology, particularly when it offers huge energy and money savings. As the NYT article points out, the patent on the incandescent light bulb dates to 1880, and it’s replacement can save 200 MILLION tons of CO2 per year. Although the cost of LED bulbs is relatively high ($30-80), consider that Edison’s bulb cost the equivalent of $10 in its day, and lasted 1/50th as long as an LED. Even today, a  25-cent incandescent lasts the same as edison’s bulb, about 1,000 hours. Edison also did not care about energy efficency when he designed the bulb, since he also owned the utility.

The cost of electricity is continuing to climb, with our local utility about to raise residential and commerical rates next month. Now is a great time to consider upgrading your lightbulbs to new tachnology. Contact Alpenglow to ask how we can help you.

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