Residential Lighting

Alpenglow Lighting Design has created beautiful, lasting, sustainable lighting for residences throughout the mountain West. Good design highlights a residence, creates and enhances form and space, provides enough light for a task without creating glare, and helps make sure your comfy reading chair is the best place to pick up a book.  Modern residences are complex, and everything from  small apartments to large homes need careful consideration of lighting to provide a comfortable environment. Art must be lit properly,  kitchens need to be bright for cooking but less so for entertaining, and no matter the size of the space, you should be able to turn it all on or off without climbing out of bed.

Federal tax credits for solar power can have a huge impact on how you light your house and how you use energy. Other Federal laws will change the way you think about your lightbulbs. Our expert designers can help clarify these and many other questions for you.

Let Alpenglow Lighting Design show you how your home can be made more beautiful with light.

Custom glass pendant and sconces lit with LEDs