Ski Tuning Tips

Working on a World Cup course requires SHARP skis.  Early season conditions exist (this means rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.).

Get the brakes out of the way first.

Equipment: You need files, diamond stones, bevel guides, and base guides. For the Birds of Prey, you can get away with a 6″ Mill Bastard file, medium or fine diamond stone, and the guide of your choice. We prefer a 2 or 3 degree side bevel for the course. I keep a flat base, but many people prefer 1 degree.

Diamond stones, natural stones, files, edge beveler, base beveler

Use carbide knife and/or diamond stone to remove burrs first. The edge steel will be hardened by the impact with the rock, and by cutting the burr off first, you will extend your file life.

After using the stone, file the edge, then polish tip-to-tail with the stone again, working to finer grits.

Remember, files are directional. Pull away fromt he tang (rat-rail). In this photo, I am pulling to the left.

For a base bevel, place the file in the guide and work one edge at a time, tip-to-tail. Work in 1/3rd sections of the ski, then finish in full strokes. Remember to clean the file periodically with a brush, and clean the base to keep filings out of the base material.

If you are changing a bevel, color the edge with a Sharpie. When you have removed the ink all the way, you have changed the bevel.

Drip some wax on, iron in, let cool at least 1 hour, scrape, and head for the lift.

Please note that the tips above are basics- for race tuning or for high performance recreational tuning, there are many more steps. Hopefully you are bringing a pair of beatable skis to the Birds of Prey, since you will bash them at least once with a shovel.